It’s a Project Worth Doing

Why Project CellGrasp. It’s my life now. I invented it. I live it. So all my blogs will be wrapped around this one. EVERYTHING will be fresh here. The other blogs will become archives of history. Today is the day. Welcome aboard. Don’t miss a post especially if you want to have a good time. Sailing, Garlic, Magic, CellGrasp, and just “me” will be here in one place. I can’t wait to see where this goes…

Get your CellGrasp today.

I’ve had a blog explosion. So the best thing I could do is go back to this original blog for CellGrasp and get it rolling. I guess I get things crossed up and sometimes I question my sanity. In any case, I’m sorting things out and going to simplify my digital life.

This blog is going to cover a lot of ground. Stories, journeys, great finds, life, friends, food, drink, adventures, products, recipes (drinks & food). You’ll get to know us, we want to get to know you too. Subscribe and comment.

Dinghy ride to Panacea. Home!

We live in the paradise area of Southwest Florida. People love it here. Fort Myers Beach is a small island where big things happen. Yep, sometimes pretty crazy and sometimes very laid back. Tune in often to catch the latest places to go, things to do and the “inside” info on a lot of junk you didn’t even know about.

We believe in “person to person” contact. Communication is so important in these times. People talking to people without any media or corporate chatter to cover anything up. Please connect with us. We are looking forward to it.

Capt. Paul & Peter. Friends!

Since the last time I posted here, so much has happened. I’m not going to go into all of that because I believe in the moment. “NOW” is what we have, so I’ll pick it up from there.

I just got in from spending two weeks with friends and family. When you are a sailor, that line is pretty blurred. All of us at the dock know each other pretty well and when 3 boats decide to take a two week trip with openings for weather, we take each moment at at time and let the weather and seas take us to where we can/want to go.

We’re now back. Everyone is posting photos and stories. I’ll share some links with you below, so you can see what happened, well at least the parts we can write about here. We are sailors you know. Yes. The stories about sailors are true.

In any case, I’m on it. Thanks for following us and let me know what we are doing right and wrong. We care and look forward to your comments, questions and information.

Tomorrow: The recipe for Patty’s Punch. Yum a good, cool summertime boat drink.

Capt. Paul & Pat
Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.56.18 AM

Links to check out and follow:

Dan & Dianne Mendat – s/v Star of Orion (Traveled with us to the  Florida Keys… Again.)

Nick Johnson – s/v Satori (Traveled with us to the Florida Keys… Again.)

Mark Lazarchic – s/v Panacea

Guinevere Lazarchic – s/v Panacea

cropped-img_1909.jpgLeave your comments, questions and information below. Be sure and subscribe.


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