Things Are Ready to “Hit the Road.”

Well it’s official… We are ready to hit the road, well almost… Time is one thing we seem to be trying to get a hold of, so it’s one thing at a time, or at least limit it to two or three.

We know the art & craft business. Pat has been peddling garlic for the past 24 years on the road nationwide at fairs, festivals and markets. Most of you know “Pat” the garlic lady ( and she’s taught me everything she knows. So now is the time to get CellGrasp out there in a nice comfy 10 x 10 tent. We’ll be talking to people and moving around, getting the feel for what CellGrasp can do to change the way you hold your phone.

We need your input and the best way is to get one in your hand and ask questions. We want to watch what you do with it and we love to listen. That’s how we’ve gotten this far with this project. We learn as we go and we have some GREAT Master teachers out there that let us know when we are wondering off the path. Some of them are suttle, some draw us pictures, some hold our hands and some rip us up one side and down the other and make us look very hard at our sanity. We listen to them all.

So now it’s your turn. Mr and Mrs. Public, watch for a small show schedule to appear on our site and then stop by when you can to “get a feel” of the most incredible little gadget to come into existance for holding onto a smart phone. (Well enough of the hype, you just have experience CellGrasp to see what we mean.)

We do have them, at an introductury price, at the website and we ship for free, so if you can’t make to wherever we are, just pick one or two of them up and check ’em out. DON’T FORGET, we have a 100% risk free guarantee… If for any reason you are not satisfied with your CellGrasp, send it back with a reason and we’ll replace it or give you all of your money back. Just like that… We havn’t had one come back yet, so we are a little confident that you’re going to have a ball with yours too.

Ok… The thing is fun too. In the next few weeks, we are going to start putting out very short videos about the virtues of owning your own CellGrasp. The content will be no more that a few seconds and it will teach you how to use your new CellGrasp for things such as: The Fast Slip on, The Horizontal Grip, The Vertical Grip, The hook, The Extreme Grip, The Backhand, The Beer/Soda Grip, The Hookn’ Go, AND the simplest solution to making a vertical or horzontal stand for your phone in a matter of 10 seconds… Whew! I’ve got to get busy.

So try not to drop your phone. Cell phone repairs are crazy expensive, even it you have insurance, the duductable can be as high as $200.00. Let us help for a mere $14.99.

An easy one handed cell phone grip, great for multitasking and just a really fun, tool/toy for your smart phone.

Drop us an email at: or give us a call: 888-437-4214. We’d love to answer your questions.

Be careful this New Year’s Eve while you are out there. Keep your phone safe and let it know that you will be getting your CellGrasp soon. She’ll love you for it.

Happy New Year. Thank you 2015 for everything and welcome 2016.


Paul & Pat West
888-437-4214 Toll Free



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