Solutions Come by Surprise Sometimes – Don’t Drop That Phone!


Sailing is my life. On my vessel Panacea, I enjoy everything about the sounds of the sea, the smell of the salt air and the visual contrast of the sea and sky. But one thing that has been bothering me for the past 10 years of taking out charters is the cleaning up the broken glass and giving out tissues to crying people who have dropped their phones on the deck or in the water and lost their digital life in an instant.

According to, they predict that the trend, in the next couple of years, is making our cellphones the only computer a lot of people will own and they will still be able to get their personal, and a lot of their business work done.

Unfortunately, many users handle their smart phones like they are unbreakable. They do break. According to, cell phone repair is a 4 billion dollar a year business and it’s growing each year.

A simple solution was needed and it’s now available. I have a new product that makes dropping your smartphone a thing of the past or at the least will give you a much better chance to hang onto the thing.


Over the past 2 years, I have developed a patent pending design that is easy to use and makes securing your cell phone to your hand a breeze.

Sure, there are other solutions out there on the market. This may not be a new idea. I mean think about it, since the advent of cellphones, we’ve been dropping them. But this is a new way of holding on to it. Most solutions are limited to gluing a product onto your phone or case which makes it simi-permanent. Now you don’t have to be “stuck” with that option.

CellGrasp has been invented, tested, developed, re-tested and is now in manufacturing and marketing development. You are probably hearing about this amazing solution for the first time, but I guarantee that it will not be your last.

CellGrasp does not attach to your phone. It slides on and can be removed in a second or two when it’s not needed. Simple, eh?

When you place CellGrasp on your phone, you will experience the following benefits instantly:

  1. It keeps you from dropping your smartphone.
  1. Simplicity of use. The way you put your fingers into the CellGrasp is the key. We call them “the grips” and the grips are important and simple to do.
  1. Your photos will improve. You will experience better photography with less blur because you will have your phone securely in your hand.
  1. Your videos will improve. With the secure, one handed grip, you will have much less “shake”. You will be focusing on your content and not the way you hold your phone so you don’t drop it.
  1. You will also use your smartphone camera for work a lot more. If you are into fixing and trouble shooting things, you will notice that because of the grips you can shoot around corners, behind walls, under cars and other equipment, etc. Get a grip. Set your timer and put your phone in the hole, under or behind things and get that view that you need to see.


  1. Anyone that may have a griping problem from any type medical condition will appreciate the new freedom of being able to hold your own phone anytime.
  1. Multitasking is a breeze. Hold you phone and a beverage, paper, umbrella, etc. in one hand while using your other hand to open doors, hang on to a rail in the bus or carry a briefcase.
  1. The list of ideas continue to roll in.

So there you have it, benefit after benefit that you acquire instantly.

“The Problem” is that smart phones require a little bit of concentration to keep us from dropping it. Most of us are thinking of many things at the same time and in an instant, the phone hits the floor.

“The Solution” is a simple little patent pending device that holds your phone comfortably in your hand that can be left on or removed in a couple of seconds. Use it when you want and because it’s completely flexible, you can remove it and put it in your purse or pocket and you’ll be ready to use it when you want it or need it.

We are excited about this product and you should be too.

Once you get one of these in your hand, and on your phone, which keeps it in your hand, you will smile and know that you have made one of the best $15.00 decisions you’ve made in a long time.

Go to to order yours today and get more information. You’ll be glad you did. You’ll also notice that you can save now with the offered introductory pricing.


CellGrasp – “Slip a seatbelt on that smartphone.”


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